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About Counselling and Therapy 24th January 2019
About Counselling and Therapy
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Counselling or psychotherapy?

Many people see them as the same – I see counselling as relatively short term and focused on specific issues, while psychotherapy is longer term and will go deeper, exploring many different issues, finding out how they are interlinked, and often seeing how problems we are experiencing in everyday life have their roots in early infancy.

Whichever you decide you need you will experience a safe place in which to tell your story, to explore the things that you are finding difficult at the moment, and to have the experience of really being heard by someone else.

I work in a number of different ways – firstly and fundamentally by listening non-judgmentally, and through this getting an understanding of who you are, how you have become who you are, how you work, and what is going on now. On the basis of this understanding we can explore the issues that are difficult, and see if there are any immediate changes that I can help you make.

Often the difficulties that you are experiencing in everyday life will find their way into the therapy room, affecting the relationship that we begin to build up, and this can be a really creative opportunity to work very directly with whatever is troubling you.

Other very useful ways to understand and work with what is going on for you will be through dream work, exploring images and stories, and through noticing how emotions, especially traumatic emotions, are held in the body – so working directly with the breath and the body is very useful.
Consequently, I use mindfulness approaches to help with this exploration, and am happy to teach/instruct in mindfulness techniques.

Exploring neglected aspects of the psyche:

"Our inner life appears to respond to being seen and related to much as a person responds to empathy...inner patterns, responding to conscious attention, can change from compulsive and negative forms into helpful and loving ones" (Nathan Schwartz-Salant)

Through this depth exploration, this soul journey, we can not only heal our deepest wounding, but can come into contact with hidden sources of wisdom and strength that can transform all aspects of our life and relationships.

What we are not conscious of, controls us, or to put it another way - in any relationship (and that includes our relationship with oneself) we are largely at the mercy of what we do not know about ourselves.
Therapy is a way of getting to know ourselves – deeply, effectively and profoundly.

My way of working as a therapist takes the whole person into account, from the defences and masks we have worn since early childhood, to the aspirations towards love and fulfilment that motivate the deepest longings of our soul.

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